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Africa's Online and Offline Payment Solution

The best way to process online and offline business transaction and international money transfer.

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Helping Your Business Reach Its Potential.

Stress free Payment Experience for Your Customers. Get paid from anywhere around the world.

What We Offer

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Digital payments

Step into the future of online payments with our streamlined, user-friendly, and rapid online payment gateway services, compatible with any device

Business Loans

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Revolutionize your point-of-sale experience.

Trust Payments provides a range of versatile point-of-sale devices, including classic POS catering to the needs of any business.

Commercial Loans

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Effortlessly handle card payments.

Expand into new markets and begin accepting card payments from customers worldwide.

Student Loans

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Why People Choose Us

Trust Payments offers more than mere payment processing services. We stand as your collaborative partner, empowering your business growth through our cutting-edge and secure point-of-sale solutions. Below, discover the advantages of selecting our services

Offering you the best Rates

Our pricing is transparent and equitable, free from any concealed fees or additional charges

PCI DSS compliant

We uphold the utmost standards of security and compliance

Seamless Customer Support

Our team of approachable and well-informed professionals is accessible round the clock through phone, email, or chat.


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Accept and streamline payments worldwide.

Enhance authorization rates, streamline your checkout conversion, and provide localized payment options across all markets.

Instantaneous insights

Our secure Enterprise Merchant Portal provides real-time visibility into all your online, mobile, and POS transactions.

Fast Payments

With our fast payment processing, you can ensure a steady cash flow and promptly settle payments to your customers.

Easy Settlement

Funds can be settled at timings tailored to align with your business requirements.

QRystalPay has been a game-changer for my boutique business. With its seamless integration into my website, I've seen a significant increase in online sales. But what truly sets it apart is its offline payment solution. Even customers without access to the internet can easily make purchases using QR codes. It's convenient for both my customers and me!"
Jane M.,
Owner of a Boutique in Lagos:
"As a restaurant owner, I've always been concerned about handling cash transactions due to security risks. QRystalPay has provided a secure and efficient solution for accepting payments both online and offline. Now, customers can simply scan a QR code to pay for their meals, reducing the need for cash handling and improving the overall dining experience. It's a win-win for everyone!"
Kwame O.,
Restaurant Owner in Accra

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